Detoxification (Remove. Repair. Restore)

Physiology of the human body can be complex but keeping it all in balance is quite simple when the correct principles are applied; take out the ‘bad’, put in the ‘good’ and leave the rest to ‘divine design.” Detoxification is a vital part of wellness principles. Detoxification is not simply about cleansing the liver and kidneys or doing a juice fast. Toxins are stored throughout the body, elimination pathways can become ineffective due to genetics, diet, food sensitivities, and over worked systems to mention a few.
Given exposure to toxins via air, food, water, mold, toiletries, cleaning products, travel, and more, detoxification should always be part of a lifestyle plan to keep the body in balance. Some people need a full body detox from time to time, others simply need a maintenance program. For those suffering from chronic illness, taking pharmaceuticals or dealing with biotoxins, opening the detox pathways and keeping the toxins from accumulating brings more balance to the body while strengthening the immune system and giving the body the ability to heal itself.

All detox programs are individualized for each client and based on individual goals and needs. Variations in programs are length and preference; botanical, herbal, homeopathic or food based. Every person is toxic to varying degrees but when elimination of toxins is hampered and/or there is an accumulation of toxins, symptoms and disease manifest. Detoxification is a multi-layered process and not every modality is applicable to every client or necessary for each client to attain success.

When toxins permeate the body on a cellular level, the immune system is weakened while suppressing health and vitality. Clients establish an educational foundation and understanding of healthy living and cleanse the body thus empowering one to regain and maintain control over well-being. Services are available as a standalone therapy, a bundle package, or lifestyle program.

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