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I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness, attentiveness and professionalism you showed to me on Wednesday. You made me feel like I was more than just a client but like a person that mattered.

My prayer for you is that God would continue to bless and keep you and your family and that he would continue to bring tremendous and steady increase to your business.
Thanks for allowing yourself to be the catalyst God is using today to bring about a transformation in so many lives in the way of natural medicine.

Bridget N

This was my first colonic experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Denise’s gentle and warm personality made for a very comfortable and dignified experience. It was obvious that her clients are her number one concern as she had created a very inviting and relaxing atmosphere. An additional benefit is her zest for and well rounded knowledge of healthy living.

Karen A

My business is in the wellness field. I can’t tell you how many people are excited when I tell them they never have to drink the toxic liquid in preparation for a colonoscopy again…they can have a colonic instead.
Denise’s professionalism exceeds expectation. You’re left feeling lighter, detoxed and relaxed.


As a certified colon hydrotherapist, Denise offers her clients colon hydrotherapy services about which individuals can feel confident. She has an expansive knowledge of health, wellness, and how to address a person’s overall well-being that results in benefits that extend beyond a mere colonic. If you want to pursue total wellness, Denise can help you detox via colonics and also provide some other helpful education in the process extending beyond just the colonic. And having been to several colon hydrotherapists in the area, I can say as a result of personal experience that she is skilled at what she does and is someone I will recommend to others!

Lisa G

Denise is well educated regarding colonics and nutrition as well. I would not have had the health successes with just the colonics. I benefited most from a combination of the education she shared about foods, nutrition and lifestyle. Other therapists might offer ‘nutrition’ or other services but I think Denise’s is the most comprehensive. She is patient and client focused. She is a wonderful Colon Hydrotherapist.

Wayne S

I am a nurse and massage therapist who has recently moved to the area from Florida. My session with Denise (colon hydrotherapy) was such a comfort – calming decor with thoughtful touches, warm booties, honest lighting (I noticed!), but the “real deal” came through Denise herself, with her thorough (but not burdensome) explanation of the treatment and a mini refresher course on the anatomy areas being addressed. (I’ve had quite a few colonics but had forgotten some of the facts and it got me in touch with that awareness again.) It was a good thing, as it turned out I later had some distress in this area (moving and new job stress) and I was confident in turning to Denise for consultation and continued care. What I noticed the most, however, is that on that first day – in just one hour – the person going in was not the same person who came out. I really went on to have a bounce in my step and an outlook of possibility that had a ripple effect throughout my journey afterward. It’s amazing what an hour – well spent – can do! Thank you, Denise. Five stars!

Meta Tibke, RN, LMT

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