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At Denise Souza Wellness, we provide highly effective and personalized holistic wellness appointments and programs to fit your needs and health goals needs as a Wellness Raleigh area specialist.

Merriam Webster defines prescription as “A written direction for a corrective or therapeutic agent.” How would you define your personal prescription for health? The Prescription for Wellness Program writes individualized directions for wellness. Wellness is addressed by focusing on root causes, thus offering the true Prescription for Wellness. The” medicine” in this “Script” is food and nutrition. As Hippocrates-the father of medicine-has said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

As a culture, we have become accustomed to treating a symptom rather than identifying and eradicating any root cause that manifests as a symptom. For example, eczema is ‘controlled’ with cortisol creams. However, dairy and wheat sensitivity are the top two causes for the expression of eczema. Headaches are ‘treated’ with drugs to make the pain subside but – the majority of the time – food sensitivities will be found to be the trigger. Bloating is ‘alleviated’ by taking Beano or antacids, yet gluten sets the stage that results in the physiological response of bloating. All are symptoms, which signal – like an alarm system – trouble within. We unwisely choose to turn off the alarm by ‘controlling’, ‘treating’, or ‘alleviating’ rather than investigating what set off the alarm. These symptoms occur from such things as Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and parasites.  At Denise Souza Wellness, we stride in providing the best wellness education in all of Raleigh North Carolina!

Through education, you are empowered to take control of your health and well-being. Changing your lifestyle changes your life.

Wellness Raleigh, NC – Initial Appointment $95

  • 1 hour appointment
  • Review intake forms
  • Review every aspect of the program
  • Evaluation of client nutritional needs
  • First assessment
  • Client decision to move forward

Wellness Raleigh, NC – Implementation of 12-Week Program $795

  • 6 One-hour Coaching Sessions
  • Psychological/Emotional Support and Counseling
  • Program Specific Cookbook
  • Targeting Food Sensitivities
  • Recipe Conversions
  • Individualized Wellness Assessments at Each Session
  • Educational Information Packet
  • 90 Day Commitment Agreement
  • Phone and Email Access to Coach
  • Solutions to Food Prep, Traveling, Eating Out, Feeding Children, Snacking
  • Lifestyle Coaching for Avoiding Chemicals and Preservatives, Skin Care, Household Items

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